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Color and Reflection 2023-1 (multi-media) @ the Inherent Beauty collection

Color and Reflection 2023-1 (multi-media) @ the Inherent Beauty collection

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Profile of this masterpiece: 


The masterpiece “Color and Reflection 2023-1” is particularly inspired by the stunning colors and reflections from the gemstones in cool tones. The artist created this multi-media artpiece using watercolour paint and painting paper as the basic media, mixed with acrylic paints and the natural and beautiful color gemstones. With these inspirations, she infused this painting with the following sentiment:

“In strokes of light, gemstone hues ignite, unveiling a world where cool colors reflect, in paintings that mesmerize and connect.”

The original gemstones which inspired this painting are attached as the artist would like to encourage you to self-express and create your own unique jewelries or any art creation. And she hope that the inherent crystal powers of these gemstones will bring you luck and good fortune!  The painting also comes with a printed tailored painting profile and a beautiful frame.


About the collection: 

The collection of ”the Inherent Beauty” is K Chin’s series of paintings inspired by the exquisite colored and shining gemstones, each with its unique shapes and imperfections. She found beauty in their uniqueness and imperfections, which resonate perspectives of life. Through this series, she aimed to advocate the idea that every individual is inherently unique and imperfect, yet possesses their own innate beauty, emphasizing the importance of self-love.


About the artist:

Based in Hong Kong, Kainny (K Chin) is a highly passionate artist who holds the intricacies of art in her everyday life. Between the therapeutic aspects of art to unearthing her hidden sensitivity to colors, details, and attention to perspectives, realism art became K Chin’s mastery area. With this as her base, she continued practicing and branched into the fields of jewelry design, handcrafts and culinary art.  To date, she had held a solo art exhibition in Hong Kong, won a runner-up prize in the international A-Design Award and Competition (Jewelry, Eyewear & Watch category) and registered patent for one of her detachable jewelry design in Hong Kong.

She loves bringing new levels of appreciation to the creative worlds and proving just how dynamic art can be. All in all, she finds herself abundant happiness and spiritual enlightenment by inspiring others on experiencing life through new perspective lenses and motivating others to become more present and be mindful of just how precious, beautiful, and raw life embracing imperfection candidly is.

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